We get lots of questions about using treats.

Treats should be just that, a treat!

We prefer to use good quality treats for our cats.

We use STELLA & CHEWYS chicken & salmon.

These are found at GLOBAL PET FOODS and PET VALU

and RENS in the freeze dried section

We have tried turkey, chicken, duck, none of these were a hit here.

These are expensive, but again, they go a long way.

These treats are 100% pure. No additives, no nasty fillers.

If you read the bag of Stella & Chewys, these treats can actually be used as a

complete meal! They are that good!

These treats are actually good for your cat, and the cats really enjoy them!

Again, if you read the ingredients on the bags of treats, you will see a lot of

names you cannot pronounce, and a lot of crappy fillers.

Spend your $ wisely, and your cat will benefit from your choices.