Finding an acceptable food for our pets has become a nightmare of advertising nonsense!

Labels are printed to appeal to YOU and not necessarily what is good for your cat.

After our favourite dry food disappeared off the market, we have put more hours into

research then we would like to admit too!

We have finally settled on what we think is the best available to meet our needs

We will not feed any foods with fruit, vegetables, or clay as these are just

cheap fillers and not good for the cats.

We no longer feed any Royal Canin foods, nor do we recommend them to our

pet buyers for a number of reasons.

Currently, for dry kibble we are using Iams Hairball,

Nutro Max Kitten, Iams Healthy Digestion, Purina One Purposeful Nutrition

Healthy Kitten. We try to mix it up just

a bit to keep it interesting.

We have tried a number of other hairball foods, with very poor


Finding a decent quality of food, acceptable for my requirements and what

the cats will eat and do well on is certainly a juggling act!

Our concern feeding only 1 type of dry is that if for some reason it is

unavailable, then what do we feed?

Our usual canned foods are fancy feast & friskies. We used the grilled varieties

and fillet types. Our cats do not like any type of pate texture food.

We have tried and failed with all the high end cost canned

foods, bottom line, the cats will not eat them! So it is pointless to continue

spending money to throw away the food.

For kittens and adults, its a mix for flavour and texture.

All canned cat food is 70% water, so you can either pay a lot for the water, or

not so much. Giving canned food is a great way of increasing the water in your cats diet,

plus seeing that they are eating without counting the kibbles!

Cats do best if they can eat 6-8 small meals per day which is why

it is important to have dry food available at all times.

We always free feed dry food, along with fresh water. Our kittens are fed

canned food, always with water added, 2 times per day until they are app 6 mt

old. Then it is at suppertime every day. We always add water to canned food.

Cats eat by sense of smell, so warming the food up in the

microwave for a couple of seconds makes it way more appealing to the cat.

We invested in a reverse osmosis water system years ago. Hard water stops the absorption

of Vit C for cats, which in turn, causes tartar on the teeth, gingevitus, bad breath, and vet bills

for teeth cleaning. Hard water also causes tartar on our teeth. We suggest that you use some

type of filtered water for your cats.