Mystical, magical, enchanting,,,those are just a few of the words that 'try' to describe a Birman.

Birmans truly are all of the above, and more.

Their huge deep blue eyes are really are ‘windows of their souls’.
Their fur is silky and soft and lush, the stuff dreams are made of.
Their voices are soft, often heard more of a ‘chirp’,
while they look into your eyes, and gently remind you they are near.

They are very gentle creatures, most ‘mystical’,
and with their gentle, soft ways, most ‘magical’.

Once you have gazed into a Birmans eyes,
you are then ‘truly enchanted’.

Birmans have a wonderful sense of humour,
you will see them watching you with a look of merriment on their face!

They love to be with you, no matter what you are doing,
or not doing, they are happiest when they can be near you.


Although Birman history is shrouded in mystery, we do know that a
number of countries contributed to what we now call ‘our’ Birmans.

The French gave them their flair for drama!
The Gallic added their loving & affectionate nature.
The British added their dignity & reserve,
the Germans instilled patience,
the Austrailians, the spirit of adventure,
the Americans their ingenuity.

So the Birmans really are world wide,
loved in every country in the world!

All Birmans are born white, and slowly their dramatic colouring comes in.
There are solid points and lynx points.

The lynx point pattern is quite dramatic, and gives the Birmans a whole different look.
Birmans come in every colour of the rainbow,
and until you meet these unique, incredible creatures
in person, you don’t know what you are missing!

Birmans are very laid back and relaxed cats
that tend to get along with everyone.
Birmans are a healthy & hardy breed.
and require minimal grooming, although they do love to be groomed!

Because of their exceptional sweet nature,
this breed is easy to handle and makes an ideal family pet,
and an excellent companion pet for single people.

All in all, there really aren't enough words to explain or describe 'what' a Birman is.....
but trust me, your life is not complete until you are 'owned' by a Birman!