Talk about another confusing topic!

Over the years, we have tried MANY litters, some were much better

then others.

We do not use any type of clay litter. I don't like the smell, or the dust.

What we have used for the past number of years is hardwood

wood stove pellets.

These can be bought in a number of places, one that is most convenient

currently is Canadian Tire. Low dust, no smell, low cost.

However, I would never advise people to flush these, they need to be either

composted or disposed of in the garbage.

We stay away from pine litter, as the cats usually don't like the smell.

Walnut litter same reason.

We don't want deordorisers in the litter, or any type of scent.

What smells faintly nice to us, is over whelming

to the cats.

Remember that their sense of smell is so

much more sensitive then ours is.