There are many every day things we take for granted that can be toxic to cats.

Air fresheners, fabric fresheners, plug-ins, defusers, candles, essential oils, are just naming a few.

To us, they make home smell nice, to cats, with little lungs, and who are exposed 24/7, they can cause

lung issues, and breathing issues, even kidney and liver issues, and rapid death.

We all know that antifreeze is deadly to both dogs and cats.

However, pine oil, lysol, and a number of cleaning products are also deadly to cats.

Remember, that the cat walks on floors cleaned with these products, and then licks

their feet. Aerosol products spread over a wide range of surface, and again, expose the cats.

Regardless of what type of product you are using, think, if this is toxic if ingested,

then it could very well be toxic to a cat or dog.

CURRENTLY at Home Depot is ODOBAN disifectant

great for cleanng floors and using through out the house

pleasent smell


Many of us love to have living, green things around in our home. As much as we love plants, the plants

don't always love the cats! Most cats will eat and/or chew plant leaves, stems, flowers, even dirt.

Play it safe and buy silks if you miss the greenery around your home.

Cats can and do get into everything! Don't assume that they cannot reach the plant on the ceiling shelf,

because they can!

For a list of known poisonous plants, you can check on the CFA web site, or

google poisonous plants and cats.