WELCOME! Pussetoe Birmans is a small cattery located half way between Toronto & London, near the famous
St Jacob's Farmers Market, in Waterloo, Ontario.
We are a registered CFA cattery.
All our kittens are raised underfoot, in our laps, in our beds, on our pillows, but never in cages!
Pussetoe’s focuses on the health and well being of each of our cats and kittens.

WHO WE ARE ...........IMG_7655

We have been breeding Birmans since 1992. We are deeply involved in preserving and promoting our breed. We are active members of CFA, CCA, & SCBF. I have been Birman Breed Secretary for CCA, and I have also been part of the Birman Breed Council in CFA.

Robust, healthy, friendly, out-going purrsonalities, charm, & beauty are all common characteristics of Pussetoe Birmans

If you are interested in adopting a Birman, we urge you to talk to the breeders that you are interested in, and then decide where you would like to visit.
We believe it is extremely important to see 1st hand where and how your kitten is raised and meet its parents.
We invite people in when we have kittens available to meet us, and our cats and kittens.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT Linda@pussetoebirmans.com

Birmans are magical and enchanting with deep blue eyes, and silky soft fur, and a soft gentle purr.

These cats are calm, sweet, gentle, and intelligent, and make excellent companions for every age!

In my 20+ years of breeding and showing in CFA, there have been many changes that have helped to insure the heath of the Birmans. The most significant of these came in 2001 when the CFA Board voted in the acceptance of the lynx & red factor Birmans. I had gotten involved with the red factor/lynx in the very first year that I was breeding, and I saw a huge difference in the health and vitality in these ‘new coloured’ kittens that we were producing. Because of my emphasis on health, therefore, bringing in more of the ‘new colours’, I was able to help a lot of other breeders in 2001 and help them get started with these wonderful, new coloured Birmans! This was certainly an exciting time of change! Pussetoe Birmans was fortunate enough to be able to send many show quality red factor and lynx pt Birman kittens to many different catteries in Canada, United States, and Japan, and help established catteries to expand to include reds, torites, & creams, many with the lynx pt pattern. With so many of us working with the red factor & lynx patterns, now you can see Birmans in every colour of the rainbow in many catterys around the world.